IAP should take a lead

Dear Dr. Vashishtha,

This refers to your thought provoking piece on Dr. Binayak Sen published in Dec. 2006 and March, 2007 issues of Pediascene.

You have done a right thing by brining it to the notice of Pediatricians. I was not aware of these facts and believe many others may also not be aware.

IAP should constitute a Fact Finding Committee for in-depth study of the case. Dr. C.P. Bansal of Medico Legal Cell of IAP would perhaps be most suitable person for this job. Depending on findings and recommendations of this Committee IAP should decide on the next step.

We should look at case of Dr. Haneef from Bangalore who had been wrongly leveled as a terrorist by the Australian government. As I write this piece there was a news flash stating that Dr. Haneef has been released from the prison. In Dr. Haneef's case pressure from the Government of Inndia as well as from other quarters has reulsted in this happy ending. On the other hand powers that be in India may over look similar facts in their backyard i.e. home country.

IAP should take a lead in this case.

-Dr. Yash Paul, Jaipur


My Dear Dr Vipin,
Greetings from Mumbai!
Thank you so much; received the master piece crafted out of your brilliant brain-'' the Pediascene". I find short of words to describe it. I wish I could have been part of it .
Keep it up! My all wishes are with you in your noble endeavor.

-Dr Rohit Agrawal, Mumbai