Beware! Evil spirits can make you do anything


          Few days ago Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav, former Chief Minister of Bihar had stated that no civilized person eats meat. Later he said that even Hindus eat beaf. Following criticism for his statements he said that he did not intend to say these things, but some 'Shaitan' (evil spirit) made him make these statements. On 2nd October, 2015 Mrs. Rabri Devi, former Chief Minister of Bihar and wife of Shri Lalu Prasad convyed her greetings to one called Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi on his 146th birth anniversary. Long live Bapu. The 'Shaitan' did not stop here, Tej Pratap elder son of Sh. Lalu Prasad became 25 years old while filing his nomination papers for coming election whereas Tejashwi, the younger son became 26 years old. It appears that these 'shaitans' are playing dirty game all over forcing celebrities of different shades and hue for such utterances.

          Some times these 'shaitans' make ordinary people like me become notorious. We all doctors know that OPV is administered to prevent polio disease. Experts tell us that if 66% of eligible population is administered OPV, rest 34% of unvaccinated population gets protection because of secondary spread of polio vaccine viruses, without taking OPV. This strongly suggests that those under five children whom I attend need not be administered OPV, because they would make part of 34% of eligible population. But, it is for the parents to decide which vaccine i.e. OPV or IPV be administered to their children.

          As and when parents ask me about comparative properties of OPV I have to give them the facts so that they can take appropriate decision. Regarding OPV I intend to say that it is very very effective, as Bharat Vibhushna Amitab Bachchan used to tell us 'do boond zindagi ki, hamesha ke liye' meaning that if one dose of two drops of OPV are given to a child he or she will have life long protection against polio disease. I do not tell this to the parents, because I fear that parents may ask while one dose of OPV is expected to provide life long protection why do we carry out many rounds of OPV vaccination and children are being administered many doses of OPV. But, 'shaitan' makes me tell the parents that OPV administered to your child may or may not protect your child from occurrence of polio disease and sometimes may cause polio disease in your child which is called VAPP, but certainly it will provide benefit to the community because experts tell us that 'herd immunity' by OPV is very important benefit of OPV.

          Similarly regarding IPV 1 intend to tell the parents what IAP states that sole advantage of IPV is that it does not cause VAPP, but it carries all hazards of injection, and it does not provide any benefit to the community in form of 'herd immunity'. But, 'shaitan' makes me say that IPV is very effective in providing protection against polio disease, the only negative point is that it will not provide any benefit to other children who do not receive IPV. Almost all parents say that they are concerned with safety of their children, and are not social workers so opt for IPV.

          Many of my friends have informed me that many of my articles published in different medical journals and specially the contents of a book titled 'Polio Eradication Program in India: Science, Ethics and Logic take backseat' have displeased many IAP stalwards. I want to state that I am innocent, who does not intend to hurt any one's feelings but it is the 'shaitan' who has played all this havoc, and made me an evil person in eyes of some of fellow pediatricians.

          All in jest, please do not take it seriously.


Dr. Yash Paul